Wearer of other people's discarded clothes. Award-winning fundraiser. People watcher. 


My multi-award winning 2015 Knickers Model’s Own fundraising campaign found me in front of the media spotlight from the off, styling myself in a daily head-to-toe secondhand outfit, for 365 days of the year. Pants always my own. I learnt my craft running at 100 miles an hour, creating a brand identity, a vision, a direction, a voice, an online audience, a view point, a point of difference all from just one simple idea. Captured week-by-week in my 2016 book: ‘Knickers Model’s Own - A Year Of Frugal Fashion’, my campaign raised over £70,000 for Cancer Research UK, creating £750,000 column inch value for the charity, with 75% of their shops joining Twitter to follow my campaign. 

I put it's success down to 5 things: 

1. My deep love for creativity.

2. My drive to show that secondhand should always be the start point.

3.  A simple, creative, focussed idea.

4.  Discovering my inner grit and belief in myself.

5.  The support and kindest of those around me. 

My love for styling myself in secondhand continues (of course it does), selectively mixing in new, which allows me to be creatively different, something I naturally steer towards. Same old, same old is not for me. I'm more interested in the detailing: seeing the potential in something that with just a little work can look magical; the placement of a button or a pleat and the colour, textures and pattern of fabrics.  I'm drawn to brands with a heritage or an honest story.  I aim to show that the art of bothering: caring for my skin; my inner and outer wellbeing; how I style my hair; my eyewear; my scent; my nail polish and how I like to style my home - all of which bring me joy - can in turn lift my mood. 

I’m always looking ahead, I tend to get a ‘whiff’ of what’s coming earlier than others, call it a knack.  I enjoy working with humans who think like me, who take a punt, who are nimble, who see beyond age and body shape and who welcome in all view points, those who look up and out.  

A few things about me:

I am delighted to have worked with and supported: Oxfam, CRUK, Mary’s Living & Giving for Save The Children, Shelter; Rennie Grove Hospice; Nightingale Hospice; Hospice UK. Brand collaborations include: Marks & Spencer; Boden; Blackbaud; JustGiving. Twice hosted the annual JustGiving Awards. Co-Hosted Style St Albans. Plenary guest speaker Hospice UK. Guest speaker at BBCon Nashville & BBCon London panel. BBC Radio interviews: BBC1, BBC 5Live, BBC Radio London, BBC Radio Three Counties, BBC Radio Sheffield; BBC Radio Leeds; BBC Radio Scotland. M&S Sustainable panellist. British Style Collective panellist. WOW (Women of the World) Cambridge panellist. 12 years live tv guest presenting experience at Ideal World TV.


JustGiving 'Creative Fundraiser of the Year' winner 

Awarded a Points of Light by the British Prime Minister 

Cancer Research UK 'Pioneer of the Year' award

Guardian 'Fundraiser of the Month' award 

I repeat, pants are ALWAYS my own.


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