Burgundy roots.

Burgundy - the '80s shade that takes me straight back to my weekly Saturday pilgrimage to the Arndale in search of shoe retailers Dolcis or Freeman Hardy and Willis, on a mission to load up on this rich hue, at all times carrying my Chelsea Girl nylon burgundy barrel bag. I even tried to persuade my mum to buy me burgundy Hush Puppies shoe shoes, alas brown was the compromise, which I cunningly buffed with burgundy polish (ha!!). Everything in my fashion life evolved around this shade even my hair was a shade of 'Rich Mahogany' (Wella Hair Wash In/Wash Out toners - which actually never washed out and left me with stained fingers, hairline, sink and towels). To my 13 year old self burgundy seemed grown up, complex, sophisticated. All the things I really wasn't.

And here I am now: grown up, complex, but not very sophisticated and yet still in love with the shade of my youth.

CJ x

Vintage burgundy biker jacket; American Baseball tee (age 10-11 years!); vintage pinstripe blouse; Hobbs grey midi pleated skirt; Clarks Narrative silver metallic pointed flats; Stars bangle; burgundy beads all Cancer Research UK finds.