In the frame.

Eyewear has always been a necessity for me, getting me from A to B in safety. I'm short-sighted and since the age of 4 it's all I've ever known, from my first pair of pink national health glasses; to my saucer like 'Deirdre Barlows' (see below); to my John Lennon rounds; my multi-coloured phase, I've dabbled with them all. Even though I now wear contact lenses, my frame choice is as important to me as my shade of lipstick or haircut.

I'm at that vari-focal stage of my life, which means that in addition to my contact lenses, I have prescription glasses for my short-sighted vision, off the shelf reading glasses for magnifying close up work and a drawer full of sunglasses, should the sun peep out. At any one time I have one pair upon my person, one pair in my handbag and another pair on my head.

So I want to take a close up look into this world, to share with you brands and styles that catch my (astigmatic) eye, from sunglasses to readers to prescriptions and show you how a great pair of frames can bring your face to life, make a statement and complete an outfit.

Eyes down, here we go.

CJ x