Eric, my idol.

Sometimes you gotta look in the 'wrong' place to find the 'right' thing. And this is how 'Eric' came into my world, as I begin my hunt for a replacement pair of prescription glasses (and move my trusty Ray-Bans into semi-retirement). When it comes to clothing I always have a quick scoot through the mens rails so I applied my same thinking and huzzah these geeky wired frames hidden in the bottom drawer aptly named 'Eric' by Universal (£61 for the frame plus lenses) caught my eye.

Currently on loan to me, alongside several other pairs, from my local opticians 20/20 Eyecare that means I get to style them up, stare at myself and ask friends what they think. I would never buy a pair of glasses without trialling them first and good opticians should happily lend them to you.

Over the next few weeks I'll be posting my favourite 4 styles. Blimey these make me feel like I should be solving an algorithm or two. Thoughts please, your views count!

CJ x

Wearing: ZARA 'journey' sweatshirt; Oasis Fashion shirt; pukka raincoat and vintage earrings all preloved finds.