Still mad for it.

If, like me, you were mesmerised by the piercing, menacing eyes of the Gallagher brothers then Oasis DNA, a photographic journal by legendary music photographer Jill Furmanovsky at the Manchester City Library is a must.

Almost carbon copies of each during their peak in Oasis: the snarling swagger, the tightly buttoned up denim jackets, the Claddagh rings and the two-finger salute given to everyone and everything. Fighting for band supremacy, the Burnage brothers were havin' it, large.

Set in the quiet splendour of the rotunda domed structure of Manchester City Library, a serene space with natural daylight pouring in through the deep windows overlooking St Peter's Square, the exhibition captures the calmer, more reflective moments between the sparing brothers, the deeply formed band friendships and those eyes, oh those Gallagher eyes.

“All really great bands have in common a strange combination of people, events and timing which produces something explosive and compelling. My aim in choosing pictures for the Oasis DNA exhibition was to show the unique chemistry that formed Oasis, a band that in it’s time blew all the others away. The exhibition uses much original material from ‘Was There Then’ my 1997 exhibition, which you may have seen in the Hacienda nearly 20 years ago! In my intro to the book of that name I ended with the sentence ‘Yeah, still mad for it!’ And like you, I still am.” Jill Furmanovsky

Location: Central Library, First Floor Exhibition Hall, St Peters Square, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M2 5PD (free entry).

The exhibition runs until 12th April 2017.

Photo credits: Jill Furmanovsky