Face it.

I used to dabble with moisturisers, in the way I switch (and shall forever) my choice of nail polish and lippy, stacking up the pots but never quite resting on one. But for now I have found a bezzie mate, a moisturiser that gets on with the job, not too over scented, not too sticky, not too pricey, just quietly confident. Liz Earle Superskin Moisturiser (rich in omega-3, GLA and antioxidants) is targeted at mature or very dry skin. I wince when I type this - I don't want to be in either of these gangs so I'll ignore this bit of the blurb and concentrate instead on inhaling the natural neroli, cranberry and rosehip seed oils and marvel at my plumped up, rejuvenated skin.

How I use it (day and night)

1. After cleansing I pat dry my face, wait a few minutes and then take a pea-size amount of the moisturiser and rub it into the palms of my hands.

2. I then slowly pat my palms into my face (extra gently around my eye area), neck and décolletage area, stopping to inhale and enjoy the neroli scent which somehow calms me.

3. Let it sink in before applying any primer or make-up.

4. Job done.

Available from Liz Earle, QVC Beauty, Boots and John Lewis

£39 (50 ml)

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