Spicing things up.

Nail polish is one of my tricks for updating a look when frankly I don't have anything to update it with. Cue: a new nail polish to shake things up.

Barry M produce a knock out collection that's affordable and good quality with a brush application that means I can get 3 swipes of colour down each nail bed which I prefer to a thicker, more stubby brush, the product rarely streaks and drys super quick. I like to keep my nails short and square edged and for some reason the polish looks better (apologies to those eagle eyed amongst you who can still make out the remanence of my Chanel Rouge Noir - just shows how good it is!).

This is a belter of a shade reminding me of the colour of council paint from the 1950s (public toilet doors; drain pipes; train station seating) and is the antidote to pastel shades when you want to stay close to the spring month trends but get a little earthier.

CJ x

Barry M Cosmetics - Gelly High Shine 'cardamom' nail paint

Lanolin Lano All Over skin salve

No 7 Stay Perfect base coat

Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy Diamond Top Coat

OPI Avoplex nail and cuticle replenishing oil