Primary lessons.

The colour wheel - kindly refer to your primary school notes - was a childhood revelation to me, particularly the mixing of colours which in turn could lead to other colours. Blimin' genius. The rule book also states that primary colours: red, yellow and blue can't be mixed from other colours, don't ask me how or why, just accept it as a wondrous truth.

Teatimes and weekends would be spent putting these theories to the test with my assortment of felt tips (the yellow tip ALWAYS suffering from a green or black tipped tinge), heavily sniffed Crayola crayons; coloured pencils and obligatory floor of shavings; dried up little squares of paint; a jam jar of murky water and an oversized art shirt worn backwards, as is my way.

CJ x

PRELOVED: Stradivarius button-through cotton skirt; vintage leather clutch (no label); vintage eighties Saxone electric blue heels; bangles all Cancer Research UK finds. Belt from Oxfam.

NEW: Studio by Preen at Debenhams pale blue volume sleeve shirt (item code: 0030108007); H&M gold hoop earrings.

Photo thanks to Miss Connie Jones.