Not quite getting the close up focus you once did? Tutting about night-time driving glare? Taking off your specs at bedtime reading? Living an on, off, on, off, lose a pair pattern? Well my friend you're in good company, welcome to my changing optical world.

I'm perfectly accepting of my short-sighted astigmatic situation, blurriness is my norm and not for me the ol' laser surgery thank you very much. Prescription glasses and contact lenses have been my status quo for the last 40 years, until last year, when gradually my eyes started playing silly buggers. What the heck? A visit to see my optometrist revealed the facts: "the ageing process is kicking in, you are pre vari-focal". Vari-focal? Oh t'riffic.

At the last count I now have:

One pair of prescription glasses

7 pairs of off the shelf reading glasses, worn over my contact lenses to magnify close up detail.

3 months worth of disposable daily contact lenses

Dozens of pairs of sunglasses

Trying to find the silver lining in this state of flux has taken me on a search for cool pairs of magnifiers. If you're in my boat you'll know what I mean: boring shelves full of boring frames with an up-sell of clip-on chains - usually next to the brittle bone supplement section, just to rub in the fact that the ageing process is in full swing. Yeah, cheers for that.

Huzzah then for Flying Tiger Copenhagen who have put style first. This pair has the cat's eyes shaping that I love; a matte tortoiseshell finish and really interesting detailing across the bridge and arms. Oh, and cost me £3. Three pounds. So I bought 3 different styles for a tenner. I could roar I'm so happy.

CJ x


Flying Tiger Copenhagen magnifying glasses; The Dressing Room On The Rise sweatshirt; Liberty floral shirt; Soap and Glory 'fire cracker' Sexy Mother Pucker matte lips; Barry M 'Copacabana' nail polish; Accessorize enamel 'dove' drop earrings; Smashbox Cosmetics yellow 'bolt' eyeshadow. Varifocal cusp, model's own.