The bored room.

Let's start with a confession. I really didn't suit the world of commerce, the fact that I lasted 13 years is a mystery in itself. My annual appraisal would go along the lines of 'you'll be really good once you find your thing'. But look as I did, I never found it - whatever 'it' was and a sideways move usually followed. I was most definitely a square lanyard-wearing peg in a round corporate sinking hole. I grabbed any creative project - and by that I simply mean reviewing an internal newsletter layout (ooh font options) or organising the Christmas party (a trip to a fancy dress hire shop which lasted all day), punching the air when given the job of creating a new foyer area - BOOOOM, I get to flick through with chair catalogues (this was pre the internet). Don't pity me in anyway, this was a time of learning skills that have enabled me to express myself succinctly; to listen to others' viewpoint; to plan; to speak to a room full of people; to work as a team; to work alone; to work to a time pressure; to blag (yes that is a skill) and to balance early parenthood. But anyone who worked with me will agree - boy oh boy was I in the wrong job, inwardly yawning my way through meetings after meetings, doodling all over my already doodled pad; half listening to the alphas in the room and staring at power-point slides with a glazed look when we were still only on slide 5/38 *goestotoiletforanap*

Thankfully we parted company in a grown up 'would you like to leave' 'yes please' way and I've never looked back. Never, ever look back btw, what is the point, move on, move forward and seize new skills.

The only thing I can tell you about my corporate working life was that I had a great collection of workwear, I may not have had a clue about what my job role really entailed but I nailed it on the fashion front. Pre the days of online shopping being delivered to your desk (are you kidding me? you millennials have it so easy), I was able to get myself to the 2nd floor of Debenhams, sweep the latest looks, try a load of stuff on, make my purchases and be back at my desk in under an hour, slightly out of breath for my 1pm capex/revex meeting - what even is that?

All this is a very roundabout way of me styling up a look that in my head would make a great Boardroom look. One day I shall rise up and chair a Boardroom meeting, kicking off with a blast of The Vel-Vets 'I Gotta Find Somebody', we'll then go round the room name checking our outfits; the wearing of vintage sunglasses will be obligatory and we'll share a pot of tea. Whose in?

CJ x


Marks and Spencer navy tunic flare dress from The Dress Edit collection (£45: T427023) and Autograph white shirt; Jones the Bookmaker pigeon blood red court heels; H&M gold spherical earrings; Peep Eyewear vintage French acetate 'Carrie' sunglasses; my trusty gold signet and domed gold rings; Smashbox Cosmetics 'Fling' eyeshadow; Boots No7 'Daydreamer' lips; Chanel Rouge Noir nails and knickers model's own.