Life's loves.

Parking to one side your own, ahem, love life (like that's any of my flippin' business) this super soft On The Rise sweatshirt available at The Dressing Room, with metallic gold emblazoned 'LOVE LIFE' lettering has found me pondering the smaller things in life that I do so dearly love.

In no particular order, drum roll please:

Pickled beetroot

Talking to myself

A good drying day

Leaving my hair to dry naturally

Conducting a 3-point turn without clipping the kerb

My newly planted sweet peas

A bowl of porridge

Closed wardrobe doors

Harry Styles' new single

A good DIY nail polish

Rain (see sweet peas)


The Antiques Roadshow

My eyeliner enfleek

HB Cartwright Brice orange pencils

Tomasz Schnafernaker

All birdsong (other than crows)

A new pair of reading glasses (see below)

Not an exhaustive list, just top-of-my-head happy making things.

CJ x


On The Rise LOVE LIFE sweatshirt available at The Dressing Room; Liberty London floral cotton shirt; Dorothy Perkins cotton chinos; M&Co gold glitter heals; ASOS mustard ribbed ankle socks; Accessorize enamel drop pendant 'dove' earrings; Rachel Jackson London initial 'C' ring; Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker matte 'fire cracker' lips; Barry M 'Copacabana' nails; Flying Tiger Copenhagen reading glasses; Smashbox Cosmetics yellow 'bolt' eyeshadow and knickers model's own.

Photo thanks to Matthew Jones (age 9)